Great progress but Blackle a fraud!

Lots has happened since our last post on may not save any energy at all and could actually use more energy than the traditional white Google page. Thanks to Mark for his comment highlighting this.
This link gives a quick insight into the situation.

Go Greener Day is this Sunday 5th October from 12pm at Eastwood Park Theatre and Carmichael Hall. This day is to promote what you can do to tackle climate change in your area. There will be various information stalls and competitions, the science centre are providing kids activities, talks on how you can do your bit from River City’s Heather and others, music and drama and a farmers market with a chocolate fountain! And the Eco-Club will be there!! Should be a good day for all the family, spread the word.

The entries for the S1-S3 anti-litter poster competition have been collected and are to be judged very soon. Winners to be announced. While we are talking about litter, some of the Eco-Club have been out and about in the local community and have photographed the litter that is left behind by our pupils at lunchtimes. The photos are going to be used in assemblies and the Club may even produce a short video from them using animoto.

Miss Durning’s S2 Artists have also been working on a new sign for the EcoClub notice board in the forum. So far it is looking good and we are excited about seeing the finished article.

The hessian sacks for collecting paper waste to be recycled have now been put into all staff bases and the English and Maths class rooms. They will be going into other classrooms very soon.

Work on the lauch of the Recycool initiative is coming along as well and it will hopefully launch after the October holiday. Check back for more later.

It is hard work trying to be kinder to the environment but let’s hope it is worth it in the long run!

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  1. Hi
    We are really impressed with all the work you are doing! A shame about Blackle, it shows not everything that claims to be “Green” really is. One that we are assessing at the minute is eco font which claims to use 20% less ink in printing, looks good so far but we’ll see. Another one to take a look at that really can make a difference is local cooling This site offers a download to optimise computer power settings and is particularly effective on older computers. If nothing else all these sites increase our awareness of the energy and resources we use. Best wishes for all your recycling work, its very inspirational!

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