Our school grounds are relatively litter free most of the time due to the regular litter sweeps that take place and the School’s great Janitors and Cleaning staff. But the Eco-Club still thinks we can help a lot by making sure our litter goes where it is supposed to and is not dropped on the ground. The Eco-Club has decided to mount an anti-litter poster campaign within the school to try and raise awareness.

The Eco-Club has also ran an anti-litter poster competition for S1-S3 pupils. Entries are currently being judged and will appear here soon.

The Eco-Club has also visited the local community areas frequented by pupils at lunchtimes and has photographed the litter that is left behind. The photos are going to be used in school assemblies and Mr O’Donnell has suggested using this website to create a short video from the photos. Keep coming back to see the finished product.

The Club has also created a survey for members of the local community to complete. Click Here to take survey


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  1. Mr O'D says:

    Hi Mr K,
    doing some work and found this link, which might be of some use to you

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