Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is a huge job and boy do we have a lot of waste! At first glance the Eco-Club were overwhelmed by the waste produced by the School that is not currently being reused or recycled: Paper, Plastic Bottles and Printer Cartridges to name just a few.

The Eco-Club has decided that each classroom and staff base in the School should have a designated paper bin for recycling paper. The paper bins have been placed in all the Maths and English rooms and also all staff bases. Other Departments will receive their paper bins as part of a roll out. The Eco-Club will be trying to monitor any increases in paper waste being captured.

For mobiles and printer cartridges the School has just signed up to the recycool initiative and is planning to run a campaign to recycle old mobile phones and used printer cartridges. This will generate money for the school as well as reducing dangerous waste going to landfill. The campaign is hoped to start quite soon. Parents and local businesses will also be asked to help contribute.

They have even planted a tree on our behalf just for signing up!



2 Responses to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  1. Ann McCrindle says:

    We are considering using Recycool to recycle our ink cartridges and saw on the internet that you have used them. Are they reliable, I only ask as they want our bank details and I am very wary of this.

    many thanks
    Ann McCrindle – Senior Clerical – Carrick Academy, South Ayrshire Council

    • stniniansecogroup says:

      Hi Ann

      We haven’t had any problems with them. The bank details are just for them to make payments to you I think.
      Good luck.

      St Ninian’s Eco Club

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