Your Suggestions

This page is here for you to make suggestions about how what the Eco-Club sbould be doing or how we can be more environmentally friendly. So go on, add a comment. Don’t feel you need to stop at one though!


2 Responses to Your Suggestions

  1. Anne says:

    Just a thought…

    What about calculating the carbon footprint of St Ninians and then plant/sponser trees?

    Alternatively, the 6th years interested could calculate their individual carbon footprint( for the 6 years they have been in St Ninians and organise to go and plant a tree(s) to offset this.

    Perhaps talk to the council? Rouken Glen Park or an area nearby? 6th years legacy to the school? Sponser trees through woodland trust if it proves to hard to plant them?

    A fundraiser could be organised to raise the necessary costs.

    A possible idea anyway.

  2. Anne says:

    And just to write down ideas from the “brainstorming” the other week

    – Recycling Christmas Cards
    – More emphasis on recycling plastic bottles. Start a plastic bottle recycling point. Street?Forum? Entrance?
    – And also the possibility of selling a second “black drawstring bag”….

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